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Financial Scholarship

BlackPlum is pleased to announce the BlackPlum Financial Innovation Scholarship. A $2,000 scholarship will be awarded quarterly to high school seniors or college students who submit the most innovative video response, per the questions below.

At BlackPlum, one of our core purposes is to provide financial and investment solutions to help investors accumulate adequate wealth to retire comfortably. We believe that most people are wired to feel good about doing good, but most people do not have the time and money to do good.

In fact, according to a recent letter by BlackRock CEO, Larry Fink, “nearly all countries are confronting greater longevity and how to pay for it. This lack of preparedness for retirement is fueling enormous anxiety and fear, undermining productivity in the workplace…In response, companies must embrace a greater responsibility to help workers navigate retirement, lending their expertise and capacity for innovation to solve this immense global challenge. In doing so, companies will create not just a more stable and engaged workforce, but also a more economically secure population in the places where they operate.”

That’s why BlackPlum is committed to helping others make money and make a difference. But we can’t change the world single-handedly.  We need your insights and ideas on how to tackle this world financial epidemic.


Please create a video of your answers to the questions below and submit to before the deadline. You can go to to create a free video to submit.

GPA: No minimum SAT/ACT or GPA is required

Amount Awarded: $2,000

Deadline: March 31, 2019 and every calendar quarter-end thereafter

Video Submission:

Duration of Video:    3-5 minutes in duration


  1. What kind of innovative financial services or products could create a more economically secure population? In other words, how can BlackPlum design and/or offer better investment products and/or financial services to help reduce the retirement deficiency issue that faces our nation and world.
  2. How can companies embrace greater responsibility to help workers navigate retirement more effectively? In other words, how can employers ensure their employees will save, invest and manage their retirement assets such that they will be able to retire and never outlive their savings.
  3. In what ways, other than offering full transparency and only earning fees based on a percentage of profits, can BlackPlum ensure investors of an authentic financial partnership, free of conflicts?In other words, please share your idea(s) on how the financial advisor-client relationship should be structured to avoid any potential conflicts of interest, which plague the financial industry as we know it today.